We are avid collectors who got started like most do trying to find the albums we had in our teens. That process educated us just enough to want some additional rare and artsy collectable albums. Then we bought someone's collection thinking we'd keep some and sell the rest to support my growing addiction. Turns out, going through all those records hoping to find some diamonds in the rough is addicting all by itself.

Well, pretty soon we had thousands  of records at home, the local consignment shop and online. I don't think the revenue is supporting our habit but it keeps us out there beating the bushes rescuing more vinyl. Does any of this sound familiar?

   We promise full disclosure, accurate grading, professional packaging, fast shipping, 30 day money back guarantee and free returns. But most importantly you can be assured of good old-fashioned friendly and professional customer service.

We've been in the vintage record business since 1998. Our goal is for you to return to our store and recommend us to others so our only wish for you is to have a positive experience



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